Syndical, offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-update event calendar for your website that automatically publicizes your events, to local, regional, and national calendars, including many social media sites.

Syndical solves this difficult problem by automating the process of sharing your important public facing events with your community and throughout the world.
We expand your marketing reach by publishing your events on local, regional and national events calendars. We also publish your events on all your favorite social media sites, creating new, rich content to help drive new customers to your events even if it’s just small scale off-season events.
Enter your event just once in your Syndical online calendar, and Syndical will automatically share that public event with many personal calendars, local event calendars, including local TV and radio stations and newspapers. Better still, if you event changes for any reason, just update it in your Syndical calendar and we will take care of updating everyone in your syndication network.

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With Syndical’s advanced social media integration, we’ll automatically tweet and blog your event, ….and post it to your Facebook page as well— all done automatically, with just one click.