With one click, Syndical publishes the public events of businesses and organizations that use frequent event marketing to drive brand awareness.


  • Automatic Event Syndication
  • Social Media Event Broadcasting
  • Share Events to your Customers From Your Public Calendar
  • Standalone Publishing Tool

Corporate Info

1410 SW Morrison

Suite 850

Portland, OR 97205

Phone: 503-336-1446

The Team

Danton Mendell
Danton is the CEO at Syndical and has been with the company since day one in 2012. Prior to Syndical he was part of Intel Oregon during the early phases. In his free time he likes to scuba dive and makes a mean seafood paella.
Uriel Ballinas
Systems Engineer and Creative Design
Uriel is the Operations Manager at Syndical and has been with the company since 2015. In his free time he likes to produce avant-garde music and really enjoys applications with cutting edge technologies.
Christian Gibbs
Sr. Business Development Manager
Christian is the Senior Business Development Manager at Syndical. He enjoys exploring his city, camping beneath the stars, and an appropriately aged single malt.
Karen Elizondo
Business Development Assistant
Karen is the Business Development Assistant at Syndical and joined the company in 2015. In her free time aside from being a Systems Engineering student she enjoys traveling and doing yoga.
Brock Anderson
Web Content Manager
Brock is the Web Content Manager at Syndical and joined the company in 2016. In his free time he enjoys exploring everything Oregon and Washington has to offer.
Stefanny Monge
Office Administrator
Steffany is the Office Administrator at Syndical and joined the company in 2017. In her free time she rescues wild animals. She has an animal rescue organization that provides recovery and helps dogs and cats get adopted.

For Investors

From file sharing to Social Networking, the power of the internet resides in its ability to facilitate connections: between people, products, ideas, and data. Through Innovative applications and Cross Platform compatibility, Syndical is adding the dimension of time.

Calendar systems are an invaluable part of every computer user’s repertoire including datebooks, meeting scheduling, and event searches all rely on calendars. The problem is there are no consistent standards that allow each calendar system to interact with each other. Syndical provides this and automates syndication.

Syndical and its partners are driving standardized connectivity forward

Syndical is an application that allows users to find and schedule events, including sharing them through social networking. Marketers have the opportunity to advertise events and services that can be highly targeted by time, location, and topic. Syndical also allows for controlled calendar sharing and automatic events publishing.

The Syndical application engine provides cross-platform functionality by leveraging new industry standards promoted by important organizations like CalConnect, Yahoo and Google.

Imagine what a person or company could accomplish when everyone knows where to find or subscribe to your organization’s public calendar information.

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