The Syndical Team

Dan Mendell

Former CEO & Founder

CEO – Pacific Dataware, President – 1-800-Support, Early Intel Oregon, also makes a mean seafood paella and likes to scuba dive.

Ryerson Schwark

Exec VP of Marketing

COO – Senior marketing and communication executive, Mentor Graphics, Sun MicroSystems, Bell Labs. Lives with four cats, so is used to getting pushed around. Loves games of all types.


Andrew McMillan


Co-Founder, Catalyst IT New Zealand, slayer of tyrannical software.

Candace Clement

Dir Finance

Publisher, Portland Business Journals
CFO, NW Tech Ventures & keeper of the beans.

Jason Mendell

Dir Client Sales, & Strategic Relations

Merrill Lynch/TD Ameritrade
Online Community & Direct Sales Experience, likes to patronize our winery customers. A lot.

Jon Udell

Special Advisor to Syndical

Jon Udell is an author, information architect, software developer, and new media innovator.  Udell was formerly a software developer at Lotus, BYTE Magazine’s executive editor and Web maven. From 2002 to 2006 he was InfoWorld’s lead analyst. In 2007 Udell joined Microsoft as a writer, interviewer, speaker, and experimental software developer. Currently he is building and explaining a calendar network that’s based on open standards and runs in the Windows Azure cloud. Much like Syndical.


Raymond King

Board Advisor

CEO – AboutUs, CEO – SnapNames, CEO – Semephore
2 liquidity events, Voyager funded

Uriel Ballins

Operations Manager, IT Support

Uriel comes to Syndical with many years of hands on Business and Marketing Experience. We are lucky that he also has a strong problem solving and technical background, and a great sense of humor (:-).