The Syndical Team

Dan Mendell

Former CEO & Founder

CEO – Pacific Dataware, President – 1-800-Support, Early Intel Oregon, also makes a mean seafood paella and likes to scuba dive.

Ryerson Schwark

COO & VP of Marketing

COO - Senior marketing and communication executive, Mentor Graphics, Sun MicroSystems, Bell Labs. Lives with four cats, so is used to getting pushed around. Loves games of all types.


Andrew McMillan


Co-Founder, Catalyst IT New Zealand, slayer of tyrannical software.

Candace Clement

Dir Finance

Publisher, Portland Business Journals
CFO, NW Tech Ventures & keeper of the beans.

Jason Mendell

Dir Client Sales, & Strategic Relations

Merrill Lynch/TD Ameritrade
Online Community & Direct Sales Experience, likes to patronize our winery customers. A lot.

Jon Udell

Special Advisor to Syndical

Jon Udell is an author, information architect, software developer, and new media innovator.  Udell was formerly a software developer at Lotus, BYTE Magazine’s executive editor and Web maven. From 2002 to 2006 he was InfoWorld’s lead analyst. In 2007 Udell joined Microsoft as a writer, interviewer, speaker, and experimental software developer. Currently he is building and explaining a calendar network that’s based on open standards and runs in the Windows Azure cloud. Much like Syndical.


Raymond King

Board Advisor

CEO – AboutUs, CEO – SnapNames, CEO – Semephore
2 liquidity events, Voyager funded

Joe Mumm

Operations Manager

Coming Soon