With just one click

With just one click.

Reach more people in less time.
Streamline your events publishing by automatically distributing events to your website, your social media, and other important event industry and syndication networks. See how it works.

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Simplicity abounds

Simplicity abounds.

Keep them all up to date.
With one click, you can simultaneously publish your public events on top social marketing marketing sites and automatically keep them up-to-date. Changes will flow directly to all your published events sites automatically.

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Extend your brand

Extend your brand.

Target your audiences.
Syndical automatically publishes to important local consumer and industry websites throughout your target markets and communities.

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Have it your way

Pick your colors.

Or pick a theme.
You have the power to individually tailor your event listing's look and feel by picking your colors, a pre-made theme, or we'll even make you one.

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Open interface

Open interface.

Use Industry Standard APIs.
Our industry standard APIs provide many ways to publish & search our events, venues, businesses, organizations, groups, and users.

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Powerful search

Powerful search and categorization

Find it fast.
Our Simple, yet Powerful search interface provides a fast and easy way to find what you are looking for within the time-frame and categories you care about.

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dotcal is now syndical

DOTCAL has now become Syndical!!

A new branding of the service you've already learned to love. Extended features, broader distribution, and an even faster platform.

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Automatic Event Marketing and Promotion

With just one click you can automatically publish your public events to the world, directly from your calendar. See how Syndical can get more customers to your public events by sending your marketing events to local and national TV, Radio, and other special interest event calendars, including most major social media. Automatic event promotion has never been so easy!


Event Marketing, Promotion & Syndication Made Easy!


Improve your event marketing and event promotion. Publicize your events to more customers in less time.  Make sure your event is listed everywhere that your potential customers might want to look, all across the Internet.



Spend less time on event marketing with Syndical. We’ll save you time & money by compiling your events on a simple calendar-like interface. We’ll do your event promotion by publishing your events onto social media & websites.



Syndical is a simple and easy to use events marketing system. It enables businesses and organizations to easily promote their public events directly to their websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, local media, and direct to individuals.


Hundreds of companies use Syndical to get more qualified customers to their marketing events. Find out why. Experience the demo now!!