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Automatic Event Marketing & Promotion



See how Syndical can pull in more customers to your events by automatically publishing the contents of your event calendar to local and national TV stations, radio, event websites and your favorite social media outlets.



Improve your event marketing and event promotion. Publicize your events to more customers in less time.  Make sure your event is listed everywhere that your potential customers might want to look, all across the Internet.



Spend less time on event marketing with Syndical. We’ll save you time & money by compiling your events on a simple calendar-like interface. We’ll do your event promotion by publishing your events onto social media & websites.



Syndical is a simple and easy to use events marketing system. It enables businesses and organizations to easily promote their public events directly to their websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, local media, and direct to individuals.



Automatic Event Marketing & Promotion

Drive Holiday business to your tastings and festivities with Syndical
The Thanksgiving weekend here in Oregon is often called The Great Wine Pour. It is the years busiest time for winery visitors, direct sales, and hopefully new wine club members. Winery staff pitch in and work their butts off.

Wine Pour Carpal Tunnel might now be the most common syndrome among staff after this very busy weekend. After such a frantic holiday rush, relaxing with a few bottles of Sparkling Water can help you recover from your holiday pouring fatigue.… And you deserve it.

The weeks just after the Thanksgiving weekend are a time for owners and staff to relax, recoup and and prepare your facilities for the return of your happy, thirsty, wine buying visitors.
Now that the heat is off and the money is coming in from Thanksgiving sales, this could be a great time to plan how you will market your next cash generating events. Direct sales through Event Marketing has proven to be quite profitable if you know how to manage those promotional costs. For this purpose, Syndical has been called “the most cost-effective event marketing approach you can buy.”
Click right now to automatically fill your December Holiday events, like the Pros. Set up a FREE demonstration with us so you can see how Syndical can automatically publish your winery’s events, while saving you a ton of time & money.
Many companies promote their events all year round, the hard way, and think their Holiday events might deserve special treatment like a press release or a special time consuming web form filling, email, and faxing effort. Holiday event promotion is a lot of work.

But not with Syndical!

A syndication and publication service like Syndical avoids the mad rush because it’s already configured, maintained, optimized, and is connected to the best public events calendars and related blogs, customized just for you. Syndical connects to all major Traditional and Social media including your own custom lists.
The Next Great “Holiday Pour” is coming your way. Are your ready?
To help get you ready, we created a comprehensive Holiday Pour Checklist for anyone looking to maximize their exposure of their Holiday wine events. See how Syndical can greatly help you take advantage of the season to increase your sales and club membership.

Read all about it in this Blog post.

Syndical flows your winery’s special events and featured tastings to local and regional public calendars giving you time to focus on the more important things that matter, like the crafting of fine wines and managing your customer base.

Syndical has become the industry’s most proven event marketing tool, reducing your event publishing workload to just one click.

Syndical provides big business marketing at small business budgets.

Whatever and wherever your events are, large or small, a subscription events publishing service like Syndical is extremely cost effective because it allows you to promote as many events as you like and as often as you want for the same low monthly investment.
Over 500 Wineries Use Syndical to Drive Tasting Room Traffic and Publicize Daily Events and News.